Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the SMS version or CU-Mobile?

CU-Mobile is a university SMS service that gives students to university data like grades and current outstanding balance. This is an automated system and it is tied with your CyberAccount.

  • Create a SMS text message in the following format to access your grades.
    CU GRADES [ID Number] [Password] [Semester code]
  • To know your current account balance.
    CU BAL [ID Number] [Password]
  • Send the SMS text to 09177172360

The semester code is in the format of semester + school year so the access first semester for SY 2010 then your code is "12010"; If second semester for SY 2011 then the code is "22010"; For summer of SY 2010 then "32010".

I can't login for some reason?

  1. Have you visited the ICTS Office Help desk to get your account?
  2. Are you using an up-to-date web browser?
  3. Have you checked the caplock key?

Can I use my CyberAccount login on the Kiosk?


The CU Student Kiosk is a public device that allows students to access their university data like grades and accounts. The kiosk is located at the Nursing Lobby, Ground floor, near the Cashier's offce.

Can I edit my student information here?


Please visit your Dean's office or the Registrar if you wish to update your student information.

What happen to Timeline/Wall?

The Timeline or Wall has been removed because of:

  1. Lack of resources especially to moderate/police it
  2. Certain students abusing it
  3. It was unstable and buggy
  4. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, etc.